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firefox-graySouth Indian food has an aura of its own. Incomparable to any other kind of food in any other region or county, as it has its own special taste and flavour. Rice is known to be the staple diet in south India, and hence a variety of rice dishes have evolved over a period of time. 

There is tomato rice, pudina rice, curd rice, turmeric rice and many more. Rasam is normally the accompaniment for rice. It is thin liquid with a tempering of a few spices given. The main course of a south Indian meal is very elaborate. It is mostly served on a banana leaf. The smaller portions of the meal like pickles, preserves, chutney, curd are reserved on the upper half of the leaf, while rice is served on the main part of the leaf. 

South Indian recipes are so diverse, that coaxing with the cuisine recipes is not all that easy. Yet if you have an inclination towards the food in the south, then get yourself on the south Indian cooking class board. Here you will dabble with a lot of vegetables especially drumsticks and onion. Fresh food is the call of the day. And don’t forget to sprinkle coconut. 

Infact coconut is so important that it is used in almost everything. From food to snacks to desserts, it’s everywhere. Either the water of the coconut or its milk is used in any of its variation. The best of recipes are incomplete without coconut. 

Infact the coconut now even has religious connotations. They are used at a housewarming, wedding ceremony or any religious occasion. It is declared sacred and it offered to the lord. 

Even rasam is said to complete every meal. Without rasam it’s a no-no. 
So here’s the recipe on the coveted dish. 

2 medium sized tomatoes
1.5 tbsp mustard seeds
1 sp urad daal
a pinch of asafoetida
3 red peppers
tamarind and lemon

Method of making
Make a fine paste of the tomatoes. Take a large bowl, add 250 ml of water, add to it tamarind and squeeze it thoroughly. Add to this the tomato paste and leave it aside.

Heat oil around 5 tbsp and add the mustard seeds, when they crackle, add urad dal, red peppers and asafetida. Add the mixture to this and heat it for the next minimum 5 minutes. 

South Indian cooking class in Bangalore

1) Mrs. Manju M
No 615, 5A Main, II block, R.T. Nagar, Bangalore –560032.
Contact number – 932421 43216 23539395
Learn to make vada, idili dosa, rava dosal, sagu, sambar and more.

South Indian cooking class in Mumbai
Cooking classes for snacks and starters in Mumbai

1)  Neetu’s ( India’s leading Cooking expert)
Contact number : 98217-27500
Contact address : Andheri, Mumbai,
2) Shree Cooking classes
Valley of flowers, thakur village, kandivali east, Mumbai 400101
Contact – 92247 00522, 6643 0978
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